sportsbook 1.10.0

  1. Bob

    Implemented Comment System Type

    One of the most common questions I get asked about the comments system is "How can I change the default sort order for the comments section so that it is the same as discussion threads (oldest to newest)". Along with "and put the editor at the bottom of the comments". Well, now it's as simple...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Comment Attachments

    As per title, Sportsbook now has the ability to upload Attachments (images) to Comments (on both Events and Bets). This is a permissions based system. There are 6 new permissions that you will need to set. These permission control who can View, who can upload, the max amount of attachments...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Permission: Bypass moderation queue when posting comments

    As per title, I've added a new permission "Bypass moderation queue when posting comments". Comments are now sent to the Moderation Queue by default UNLESS the viewing user has the permission to bypass the moderation queue when posting comments. The default permission is set to NOT SET (NO)...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Warn Members: Events, Bets, Comments and Comment Reply's

    As per title, I've implemented warning handlers for 6 sportsbook content types (sportsbook_event, sportsbook_comment, sportsbook_comment_reply, sportsbook_bet, sportsbook_bet_cmnt and sportsbook_bet_cmnt_reply). I've added 3 new Moderator Permissions. The comments permission covers all 4...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Lock/Unlock Comments

    As per title, Event Owners and Moderators now have the ability to Lock and Unlock the comments section of a given Sportsbook Event. There are 2 new Permissions that control this. The first permission is a Bookie Permission that allows the Owner of the Event to Lock and Unlock comments in...
  6. Bob

    Updated Admin CP: Sportsbook Event Management

    As per title, the Sportsbook Event Management located in the Admin CP has been updated with a few changes as well as a new feature. Change #1: When editing a PENDING Event, the Status Types are now limited to Pending (default), Soft Deleted, Open and Closed. Change #2: When editing a...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Create Bet: Set Challenger Wager Amount

    As per title and per this suggestion: Betting Exchange: Allow incongruent betting amounts between creator and challenger , when creating a bet, there is a NEW option that allows you to set the wager amount that the challenger has to place on the bet if you want it to be a different amount than...
  8. Bob

    Updated Settle Bet changes

    As per title, there have been some changes to the Settle Bet feature of the Betting Exchange. First change is that there are no longer 2 different Settle buttons (Settle Bet and Settle Bet as Bookie). There is only ONE button now "Settle Bet" and the LINK associated with that button changes...
  9. Bob

    Implemented Search Betting Exchange

    I've added a new Search handler to Sportsbook that indexes Bets created in the Betting Exchange which in turn allows search results to include Bets. The XenForo search area now has a new tab for searching the Betting Exchange. This tab will only display to the viewing user if they have...
  10. Bob

    Implemented Member Bets pages: Bet Statistics

    As per title, Member Bet pages now have a Bet Statistics sidebar block. NOTE: The Betting Exchange Statistics sidebar block has been removed from these pages.
  11. Bob

    Implemented Most Active Betters page is now paginated vs Top X only

    As per title, the Most Active Betters page is now paginated vs being limited to displaying the Top X betters on a single page. There is a new option located under the Betting Exchange Tab of the Sportsbook options that lets you control the number of members per page.
  12. Bob

    Implemented Profile Tab: Recent Bets

    As per title, I've added functionality that lets you add a "Recent Bets" Tab to the member profile page. This is both an options driven and content/permissions drive tab (meaning that there are several factors that determine whether the viewing user can see it). Who can view? Only those...
  13. Bob

    Updated Member Bets page: Create bet

    On the Member Bet's page, there is a "Create Bet" button (this has always been there). What has changed with this is that this button now acts like the "Create Bet with" links on the Member Card and Member Profile in that it initiates the bet with the member of the bets page that you are...
  14. Bob

    Implemented Member Profile: Create Bet with link

    As per title, there is now a "Create Bet with" link on the Member Profile. This allows you to initiate a bet with someone while viewing their Profile Page. This link will only display if ALL four of the following is TRUE. Viewing User: The Viewing User is able to View the Betting Exchange The...
  15. Bob

    Implemented Member Card: Create Bet with link

    As per title, there is now a "Create Bet with" link on the Member Card. This allows you to initiate a bet with someone from anywhere on your website. This link will only display if ALL four of the following is TRUE. Viewing User: The Viewing User is able to View the Betting Exchange...
  16. Bob

    Implemented Quick set Event Status

    You can now "quick set" an event status without having to edit the event. NOTE: There are certain cases where you still need to edit the event in order to set a specific status eg, you can't quick set an open event to closed when the open date is in the past as the auto open will just open it...
  17. Bob

    Updated Create Event Form changes

    As per title, I've made a few changes to the Create Event form. One of the most notable changes is that you now have 3 save options when creating a new Event. In previous versions, the event is always saved as PENDING. Now the default save action is to save the Event as OPEN and you have...
  18. M

    Implemented Betting Exchange: Allow incongruent betting amounts between creator and challenger

    In member vs member bets, users should be able to bet different amounts than 1:1 against each other. Creator may put up $1000 with a required challenge amount of $500 or $2000, for instance. This would allow a much more realistic and flexible betting between members. If this is low priority...
  19. A

    Partially Implemented "Bet Me" button/link under postbit and on members profile page

    A "bet me" button (or a link) that is displayed in the users message post bit AND on users profile page. When clicking on button/link, it opens up a formoverlay of the betex_bet_create page. Any way we can populate and lock the "Create bet with member:" field with whichever user we clicked the...
  20. M

    Updated Display Profile Tab only when member has content

    Hello there, This is quite a tweak, Sportsbook is showing an empty profile tab on every member of the forum. Wouldn't the behavior of Showcase of only showing the tab if there's any content to show be more intended here?