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Updated Display Profile Tab only when member has content

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Closed Suggestions' started by mauzao9, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. mauzao9

    mauzao9 Member Showcase Sportsbook

    Hello there,

    This is quite a tweak, Sportsbook is showing an empty profile tab on every member of the forum.

    Wouldn't the behavior of Showcase of only showing the tab if there's any content to show be more intended here?
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its not possible at the moment because individual member wager totals are not tracked/stored in the xf_user table (only Sportsbook Event Counts for bookies are), so there is nothing to base a conditional off of at the point of rendering (as content is fetched via AJAX when clicking on a tab). The next version will display a message stating that the user currently does not have any visible content to display.

    I'll move this to future consideration for XF 2.0
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I had a need to track counts for wagers, so I've added a new field to the xf_user table 'sportsbook_wager_count' which stores the total amount of wagers a user has placed.

    With that said, I can now use that data as a conditional on the TM (template modification) that adds the "Recent Wagers" tab to the member profile. The "Recent Wagers" tab will no only ever display IF the member has made any wagers.
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