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Implemented Embed your Article Content Anywhere


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Re: XF 2.3 - Embed your content anywhere

An EmbedResolver is a Content Type Handler that developers use to make that content type Embeddable via a EmbedRenderer.

An EmbedRenderer is what a content type uses to RENDER (Display) an EMBED in that piece of content when viewing it.

AMS 2.3.0 implements EmbedResolvers (the new EMBED bbcode) that allows you to past an AMS Article URL, AMS Article Page URL, AMS Article Review URL or AMS Series URL into any RTE (Rich Text Editor) that implements a EmbedRenderer.

Not going to list all of the XF, XFRM and XFMG Embed Resolvers, you can read about those in the HYS forum at XenForo.com.

Listing of EmbedRenders (as of XF 2.3.0 Beta 6):
  • XF implements EmbedRenderers for Posts, Direct Messages, Profile Posts and Profile Post Comments.
  • XFRM implements EmbedRenderers for Resource Ratings and Resource Updates.
  • XFMG implements EmbedRenderers for Albums.
  • AMS implements EmbedRenderers for Articles, Article Pages, Article Ratings and Series.
  • IMS implements EmbedRenderers for Items, Item Updates, Item Pages, Reviews, Questions and Series.
  • LD implements EmbedRenderers for Items, Item Reveiws and Questions.
  • Showcase implements EmbedRenderers for Items, Item Pages, Item Ratings, Item Updates and Series.
  • UBS implements EmbedRenderers for Blogs, Blog Pages, Blog Entries, Blog Entry Pages, Blog Entry Ratings and Series.
  • CAS, EMS and RMS will also implement EmbedResolvers and EmbedRenders.
What the above listing means is that you can embed an AMS Page into a Direct Message, a Profile Post, a Resource Update simply by pasting the URL into the Rich Text Editor.

Example, here is an AMS Article that I've pasted the URL to in a Profile Post as well as an AMS Article Page that I've pasted the URL to in a Profile Post Comment.


Another example, here I've added URLS to an Article, Article Page, Article Rating and a Series into a Post in a discussion thread.


Each resolver has its own output template so that you can customize the output to however you want to without it effecting anything but that specific resolver.


Please read this HYS thread for more information: XF 2.3 - Embed your content anywhere
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