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Implemented Profile Tab: Recent Bets


Staff member
As per title, I've added functionality that lets you add a "Recent Bets" Tab to the member profile page.

This is both an options driven and content/permissions drive tab (meaning that there are several factors that determine whether the viewing user can see it).

Who can view? Only those with permission to View the Betting Exchange.

Will the tab display if the member does not have any bets created or challenged? NO


There are 3 new options that control this tab. The first is an "enable" switch. The other 2 are for setting the amount of bets to display (one for Bets Created and one for Bets Challenged).


And this is what it will look like when the viewing user can see the tab (based on the above options). The tab content is split into 2 parts. The upper part is the Bets Created by [member] and the bottom part is the Bets Challenged by [member]. You can control the amount for each block (as shown above). The layouts include all of the same features you are able to see on other "bets" listing to include being able to accept, decline, settle etc. The footer for each block has a link that will take the viewing user to the members "bets" page and will open the bets page to either the Bets Created or Bets Challenged (based on which link you click).


And here is an example of Enabling the tab, but only fetching Bets Created by content (setting bets challenged to 0 zero)


Here is an example of Enabling the tab, but only fetching Bets Challenged by content (setting bets created to 0 zero)

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