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Implemented Member Profile: Create Bet with link


Staff member
As per title, there is now a "Create Bet with" link on the Member Profile. This allows you to initiate a bet with someone while viewing their Profile Page.

This link will only display if ALL four of the following is TRUE.

Viewing User:
  • The Viewing User is able to View the Betting Exchange
  • The Viewing User is able to Create a Bet
  • The Member is able to View the Betting Exchange
  • The Member is able to Accept Bets.

When all 4 conditions are met, the Member Profile will have a link that say's "Create Bet with" located in the upper right corner with other various "links" The reason for using this location is that the link will always be at the top of the page no matter what responsive break point kicks in


Here is narrow responsive break point and as you can see, the LINK is at the VERY TOP.


When the viewing user clicks on the link, they will be taken to the Create Bet form (same for used for all bet creation).

Even tho this is the standard create bet form, there is an additional SAVE TYPE "Create Bet with [member]" that is displayed and checked by default. This only displays when the create bet is initiated via a "Create Bet with" link.

The other 2 create bet type options are available in case you change your mind and want to create the bet with someone else or create an open bet.

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