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Updated Settle Bet changes


Staff member
As per title, there have been some changes to the Settle Bet feature of the Betting Exchange.

First change is that there are no longer 2 different Settle buttons (Settle Bet and Settle Bet as Bookie). There is only ONE button now "Settle Bet" and the LINK associated with that button changes depending on the situation.
  • If you are the Owner of the Bet or Challenger of the bet, you will be taken to the Self Settle Bet Form (regardless if you are a bookie or not).
  • If you are a bookie and are not involved in the bet, you will be taken to the Settle Bet as Bookie Form.
NOTE: This only applies the the BUTTONS.

Second change is that there is only one settle bet link in the Bet Private Controls (edit, delete, report etc). This link only displays to bookies that have the permission to settle bets as a bookie. If you are participating in the bet (either as the owner of the bet or challenger) and you are also a bookie, you can see this link and settle the bet as a bookie.

Third change is the title of the settlement forms has changed. The title for the Self Settlement form is "Self Settle Bet" and the title of the Settle as a Bookie form is "Settle Bet as Bookie". The submit buttons use the page title as the button title. This is to make it clear to those individuals that might be both a bookie and a participant in the bet to which form they are on.

Fourth change are some updated/new phrases (so you might need to do some new translating).

The biggest change in all of this is that there are no longer TWO largish buttons for the different settlement types. This was causing a lot of trouble with layouts.
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