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Implemented Search Betting Exchange


Staff member
I've added a new Search handler to Sportsbook that indexes Bets created in the Betting Exchange which in turn allows search results to include Bets.

The XenForo search area now has a new tab for searching the Betting Exchange. This tab will only display to the viewing user if they have permission to view the Betting Exchange. You can search by Keywords (Both the Title and the Outcome), limit the search to just the TITLE, Search by specific member (that created the bet, not the challenger) and well as a date parameter.

Here is a screenshot of Bets only so that you can see how the result is formatted. It includes the Bet Title, Bet Outcome, Bet Status and the standard meta byline.


All Betting Exchange pages have the "Search bets only" option available (and preset).


There is a Search bets link in the secondary navigation for the Betting Exchange



When doing a General Search, bets will be included just like other content types are. here you can see a Post, Thread, Bet and Event all in the same search.

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