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Implemented Warn Members: Events, Bets, Comments and Comment Reply's


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented warning handlers for 6 sportsbook content types (sportsbook_event, sportsbook_comment, sportsbook_comment_reply, sportsbook_bet, sportsbook_bet_cmnt and sportsbook_bet_cmnt_reply).

I've added 3 new Moderator Permissions. The comments permission covers all 4 comment types.


This is the XenForo Warning System, so I am not going to spend time explaining how it works as you should already know this.

When the viewing user has permission to WARN the owner of an Event, there will be a WARN link in the Private Controls (Edit, Delete, Warn etc).


If the owner of the event has been warned and the warning includes a Public Warning Message, the Message will be displayed above the Event (between the NEW status ticker and the Even Title). The link in the Private Controls changes to "View Warning".


When you click on the "View Warning" link, it will launch an overlay (this is the XenForo Warning System overlay).


This applies to BETS as well. You can warn the member that created the bet by clicking on the Warn link in the bet private controls.


When the bet creater has been warned and the warning is public, it will be displayed as shown below.


Comments and Comment Replies are no different than Profile Posts and Profile Post Comments.

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