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Implemented Create Bet: Set Challenger Wager Amount


Staff member
As per title and per this suggestion: Betting Exchange: Allow incongruent betting amounts between creator and challenger , when creating a bet, there is a NEW option that allows you to set the wager amount that the challenger has to place on the bet if you want it to be a different amount than the amount you stake.

This is OPTIONAL and its an OPT IN feature (meaning that is is unchecked by default).

As you can see via the image below, there is an on/off check box under the Wager Amount. If this is left uncheck, the wager amount applies to both the bet owner and the challenger, so in this case, the wagers would both be $10 and the Payout would be $20 to whoever wins (which is how its always been). This is fine and how most "Friend vs Friend" bets work in the real world, but some times the wagers need to be different depending on the outcome being bet on).


Some situations require different wager amounts for the bet owner and bet challenger.

If the "Set Challenger Wager Amount is set, that activates the spin box letting you set a different amount that the challenger is required to wager. Here I am requiring that the challenger wager $25 to accept the bet. This makes the Payout $35 ($10 wager by the bet owner and $25 wager by the challenger). The difference here is that if the Bet Owner wins, they are actually winning $25 vs if the challenger wins, they are only winning $10.


This allows the bet owner to take chances by making bets against favorable odds where their risk is only $10, but the challenger needs to put down A LOT like $100 (because its a high probability that they are going to win), but in the chance of an upset, the Bet owner makes a nice profit while at the same time, not risking a lot). This is like placing wagers in vegas at a sportsbook on a PROP. You are not going to place $10 on Tom Brady throwing a Touchdown and get a payout or $25,000..

With this change came a need to make changes to the Bet Listings and the Bet Page. I will explain those changes in another thread.
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