pickem 2.1.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Misc updates/additions

    Lots of little updates/addtions throughout, so I will post a few in this thread. Pending Pools. These pools are only viewable on the frontend to the commissioner of the pool AND members that have the pickem moderator permission "View pending pools". Doesn't matter if you are a Super Admin...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Winners message

    Those of you with eagle eyes probably noticed that some of the blocks that display the winners for the Week or Pool have some text displaying below them. I've added a new input named "Winners message" to both the overall winners and weekly winners for situations where you might need to explain...
  3. Bob

    Updated Setting Weekly Winners and Pool Winners changes

    As per title, I've made some changes to how you set the weekly winners and pool winners. In previous versions, you had to add user_ids when setting the weekly or overall pool winners. This could sometimes be a pain in the butt, so I've made the process a bit easier Instead of adding...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Reassign commissioner

    When editing pools in the Admin CP, you can reassign a pool commissioner (or set one for legacy pools which do not have a commissioner set). Its pretty simple to use.... you just click on "Reassign commissioner" which launches an overlay in which you type in the members username (which has...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Pool Commissioner

    Similar to Yahoo and ESPN fantasy games, Pickem now has a Pool Commissioner. When a Pool is created (either on the frontend or backend), the person that creates the Pool is set as the Pool Commissioner (who is responsible for the administration of the Pool). Pool commissioners do not need to...
  6. Bob

    Implemented Allow join pool options and permissions: Allow join pool key

    As per title, I've added a new option setting 'Allow join pool key' to the 'Allow join pool options and permissions'. This new option allows the Pool Commissioner set an alphanumeric key that is required in order to be able to join a pool (similar to how Yahoo, ESPN, NFL.com etc have keys...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Allow members to create their own pool(s)

    Similar to Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports etc.. this feature would allow members (with the appropriate permissions) to create and manage their own pool(s). Create Pool: Creating a pool would consist of choosing a Sport and Pool Type eg, NFL - Standard via a "picker", then an...
  8. Bob

    Implemented View "Players in pool" from pool listing

    This is a last minute request (last night) from a long time Pickem license holder. You can now see who's joined a pool without viewing the pool itself, simply by clicking on the number next to "Players" in the Pool Info area of the pool listing.
  9. Bob

    Implemented Auto Watch Pool on Join Pool action

    As per title, when a member joins a pool, if they have the User Preference option "Automatically watch content you interact with" enabled, the system will Auto Watch the pool and will subscribe them to emails based on the "and receive email notifications".
  10. Bob

    Implemented Filters: Pool cost, Seasons, Pools you have joined and Filter Quick Links

    I've added a new Filter titled "Pool cost" to the Pool listing (Pickem Index and Hall of Fame). This filter is only shown if you check the option 'Enable external cash/points system' (which allows pools to set an amount required to join a pool). When the above option is enabled, the new...
  11. Bob

    Implemented Widget Definition - Pickem: Latest comments

    I've added a new Widget Definition titled "Pickem: Latest comments" that lets you create Lastest comments widgets for Pickem Pools. Important Note: There are no PRE LOADED comment widgets. You'll need to create comments widgets on your own and place them where you want them. There are 2...
  12. Bob

    Implemented Players in pool block

    As per title, I've added a new sidebar block titled "Players in pool". This block (as its name implies), lists all of the members that are participating in the pool). This block can be enabled/disabled via Pickem options (it is enabled by default). As you can see, its just a simple block...
  13. Bob

    Implemented Pool winners block on Standings page

    As per title, I've added a "Pool winners" block above the Final Standings listing on the Standings page for Standard, Spread and Draw pools (Survivor pools do not have a standings page). There is a new option that controls the display location (currently there is only 1 display location and...
  14. Bob

    Implemented Option: Week winners display location

    I've added a new Pickem option that allows you to choose the display location of the Week Winners block (either above the results for the week or in the sidebar) or to disable the block. Here are a couple screen shots showing what the display location "Above results" looks like. Note: If...
  15. Bob

    Implemented Widget Definition - Pickem: Standings

    As per title, I've added a new Widget Definition for creating "Standings" widgets. This works for all pool types (Standard, Spread, Draw) except for Survivor (as there is no "standings" in survivor). There are 2 configuration settings (Limit and Pool). The output is basically the same as...
  16. Bob

    Updated Minor Pick Distro and Picks layouts pertaining to DRAW Pools

    As per title, the layouts for the Pick Distro and Picks page for Draw Pools has been updated. "Draw" has been moved from between the 2 teams to below the 2 teams.
  17. EasyEazy

    Implemented Pay via external cash/credits to join pool

    @Bob would you consider adding an option to allow members to buy in to do pickems? Settings like Sportsbook where you select the currency (in my case dbtech) and then admin set the amount to enter and payout final positions based on settings.
  18. D

    Implemented Automatically set picks for users that forget to set their picks

    We used to default this in our old system so that if someone forgot to add their picks then they were automatically given all of the away teams, is this possible? Regards Dan