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Implemented Filters: Pool cost, Seasons, Pools you have joined and Filter Quick Links


Staff member
I've added a new Filter titled "Pool cost" to the Pool listing (Pickem Index and Hall of Fame).

This filter is only shown if you check the option 'Enable external cash/points system' (which allows pools to set an amount required to join a pool).


When the above option is enabled, the new Filter will display on the filter input form as shown below. There are 3 options, Any (which is default), Paid and Free.


Here you can see that I am filtering the list by Cost: Paid (so that I get a listing of all Pools that have a cost to join.


Here I am filtering for pools that do not have a cost to join aka Free.


As with all filters, these work in conjunction with each other, so here I am filtering Sport, Pool type, Pool Status and Pool Cost so that I only see Open Standard Pools for the NFL that are free to join.


I've added a new Filter titled "Seasons" to the Pool listing (Pickem Index and Hall of Fame).

This filter will list all of the seasons in the system, allowing you to quickly see any pools associated with a specific season (present or past). Using this filter will automatically set the Sport filter.

Note: Attempting to set a Sport with a season from another sport will simply ignore the season filter and will only filter by the Sport. eg, you can't choose NFL and select a MLB Season.

Seasons are grouped by Sport (as shown below).


I've added a new Filter titled "Pools you have joined" to the Pool listing filters (Pickem Index only).


This replaces the "Your Pools" page (which was redundant).

Note: The "Your pools" link in the navigation menu now links to Pickem Index page filtered by "Pools you have joined".
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Also included with these new filters are "Filter Quick Links".

Clicking on the data that the arrows are pointing to, will FILTER the listing by what ever you click on... eg, click on Open, and it will filter the listing with only pools that are open. This is available on both the Pool Index and the Hall of Fame index.