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Implemented Pick logs - Phase I


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As per title, I've implemented a new administrative feature that I am calling "Pick logs".

Note: This is Phase I of 3 planned phases, each adding more enhanced logging and logs.

This is a per POOL, per Player, visual log interface in the Admin CP.

When viewing the Pool List, each pool has a "Players" link that takes you to a page that lists all players in a given pool. This is not NEW, the players page has always been there.

Whats NEW is that there is now an Action Link titled "Pick logs" for each player.

This first shot is of a standard pickem pool. As you can see, each player now has a "Pick logs" action link. This takes you to the Pick Logs for that specific user (for the Pool and Season that the player is in).


Survivor pools are basically the same, except the Username is a link to the User Edit as there are specific edit actions for a user in Survivor (which isn't new, its always been there).


This next shot is the main Pick logs page for a specific user in the pool. It will list all weeks for a given season (in this case, I've only added 2 weeks to this season).

Each week is a link to the players pick log for that given week.


In this shot, I clicked on "Week 2 - 2021 Pre Season", which will list all the games/matches for that week, the current pick that the player has made for each of those games, the pick date (when the initial pick for that game/match was set and an Updated date, if the pick for that game/match has been manually changed by the player.

Note: This is not retroactive, so any picks made prior to this release will display N/A for the date as there was no logging of pick dates in previous versions!



If the initial pick was made via Auto Picks feature, that will be displayed on the each game that the pick was initially set via auto picks.

In this example, all picks for this week were Auto picked.


In this example, the player had manually set picks for the first 2 games/matches, however, they either forgot to set a pick for the 3rd game/match, or hadn't decided yet and the new auto picks functionality found a game that had not been set yet, so it auto set a pick for that game.


You now have a visual interface to quickly look at when players say they know they pick X team (you can see if that pick was initially set by them or by auto picks, what the current pick is and if that pick was change, the last update of when it was changed.

As already mentioned, this is only Phase I of 3 Phases. The next 2 phases will be adding some more features as as well as more advanced logging (logging each individual pick change).
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Thanks for this. It has already been useful to us.

It would be great to be able to invalidate a pick - just had a game entered on the wrong date and would like to invalidate picks made after the game was completed, keeping those for the honest players.