pickem 2.2.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Pick logs - Phase I

    As per title, I've implemented a new administrative feature that I am calling "Pick logs". Note: This is Phase I of 3 planned phases, each adding more enhanced logging and logs. This is a per POOL, per Player, visual log interface in the Admin CP. When viewing the Pool List, each pool has a...
  2. Bob

    Updated Weekly Reminders and Auto Picks

    I've made some changes to how the weekly reminders are sent out. I've also made some changes to how Auto Picks are set. First change: All players will now receive reminders whether they've made their picks or not. The reminders are designed to ensure that you've not only initially set your...
  3. Regs

    Implemented Default Empty for Admin Team Dropdown Select

    When setting up games for a season, it would be handy when picking teams in the dropdown for the initial option to be "empty" rather than the first team. My old eyes go a bit squirrelly when adding multiple games in one go and it's easy to cokc things up :)