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Implemented Default Empty for Admin Team Dropdown Select


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When setting up games for a season, it would be handy when picking teams in the dropdown for the initial option to be "empty" rather than the first team.

My old eyes go a bit squirrelly when adding multiple games in one go and it's easy to cokc things up :)
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lol.. you are not OLD! I think this is doable without effecting any existing functionality.
Doing some R&D on this and it seems to be working fine SO FAR.

Single game add was easy, however, the multi game add was a bit challenging as the normal validation process couldn't be used, otherwise, it would just simply skip over any games that had issues (like duplicated home and away team or not setting a team for either home or away). I had to come up with a custom validation process that would make you FIX any errors before continuing on to the actual save process.

Example of what happens when you don't set games correctly when using the "Add games" function.