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Implemented Allow join pool options and permissions: Allow join pool key


Staff member
As per title, I've added a new option setting 'Allow join pool key' to the 'Allow join pool options and permissions'.


This new option allows the Pool Commissioner set an alphanumeric key that is required in order to be able to join a pool (similar to how Yahoo, ESPN, NFL.com etc have keys required to join pools).

This is an important feature due to adding the ability for Members to create their own pools on the frontend. Members can now create their own pool(s) and add Keys so that only the members they give the key to are able to join that specific pool. This is standard Yahoo, ESPN etc type functionality that comes with having a commissioner for the pool/league.

The pickem index will display a skeleton key for all pools that require a "Join pool key". Here you can see that 2 of the pools on this test instance require a key to join.


When viewing the pool, the "Join pool" button will display the skeleton key when a key is required to join.


When the pool require a key to join, an overlay will be launched when pressing the "Join pool" button. This overlay will ask you to input the key.


If you just hit enter without providing a key, its going to throw an error message telling you that you must provide a key in order to join the pool.


If you try to add a key that does not contain valid characters, its going to tell you that.


If you try to add an invalid key (one that does not exist or for the wrong pool), its going to tell you that the key is not valid for this pool.


In the case where the pool is a PAID pool and also requires a key, the button will contain both the skeleton key and the amount required to join the pool.


This is a dual confirmation overlay as you need to enter the key AND confirm that you understand a deduction will be made to your point/cash/credits etc account.

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