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Implemented Automatically set picks for users that forget to set their picks

Discussion in 'Pickem Closed Suggestions' started by Dannymh, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Dannymh

    Dannymh New Member Pickem

    We used to default this in our old system so that if someone forgot to add their picks then they were automatically given all of the away teams, is this possible?

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  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I've cleaned up this thread and reopened it as I plan on doing some R&D in hope of being able to implement this at some point in Pickem 2.1.X series.

    If this is implemented, it will be Optional and a Per Pool setting. It would be tied in with the Alert Reminders (auto picks would be set directly after the 2nd alert reminders are sent out).

    This way those that don't like the feature and don't want to use it, won't have to do anything. Those that like the feature and want to use it, can simply enable it for a given pool.
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  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    This has been implemented in Pickem 2.1.2

    This is a Per Pool option located in the Misc options section of the Pool Add and Edit forms for Standard, Spread and Draw Pools (this feature is NOT available for Survivor Pools).

    Note: This is an Opt IN option, meaning that its disabled by default and you have to manually enable this option in any new or existing active pools if you want to use it.


    As I mentioned above, this function piggy backs off of the alert reminders system. When the 2nd reminders are sent out, there is a new function that checks to see if the pool allows auto set picks and if it does, any players in the pool that have not yet made their picks, will have their picks auto set for them, to all VISITOR teams.

    The system will send out an alert to any players that had their picks auto for a specific week of a specific pool. In this example, I was sent a 2nd reminder to make my picks in all pools that are associated with the 2019 Regular Season (I am in 4 pools that are associated with that season) and I also received an alert letting me know that for week 4 in the 2019 regular season challenge pool, my picks were auto set (the other pools don't allow auto set or they are survivor pools).

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  4. EasyEazy

    EasyEazy Member CAS Premium RMS Premium UBS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Nice addition this Bob.
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