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Updated Alter the text of the reminders for users who have all their tips in.


The sending of reminders to all players, whether or not they have entered their picks is a welcome one. I think it helps us out when we make errors in timing the start and end of rounds and so on.

However, one thing it has produced is confusion in some users.

For instance:

"Bit confused, I have selected my team, but I keep getting reminders / alerts to set my picks.

Do we pick winners for each game or just one team each round?"

BigFooty Knockout Game 2 - Comments

My suggestion is that the text of the reminder alert be changed if the user has all their tips in.

Something to say that they have put their picks in, but this is a reminder to check the picks over to make sure they are happy with them. Something like that.

If they haven't made all of their picks, they still get the existing reminder telling them to put in their picks.
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I've updated the 2 reminder phrases (changed set to set/double-check/update) as the purpose of the reminder alerts is not tied to setting picks only, but also to remind members to double-check (to make sure the picks they set are correct) as well as to update their picks before it is too late to change them.