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Implemented Winners message


Staff member
Those of you with eagle eyes probably noticed that some of the blocks that display the winners for the Week or Pool have some text displaying below them.

I've added a new input named "Winners message" to both the overall winners and weekly winners for situations where you might need to explain how the standings were determined.

When editing a Pool, the Overall winners options has a new input named "Winners message". This message will be display in the footer of the Pool winners block displayed on the Standings page for the Pool. You can add HTML to the block (as you can see that I am making the players names bold).


Here you can see where it is displayed. Its nice to let everyone know things like tie breakers came into play for determining 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the week/pool.


Same thing is available for each week within the pool. Again, you can use HTML (altho, you are limited to 256 characters, so you can't go overboard lol


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