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Implemented Misc updates/additions

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Lots of little updates/addtions throughout, so I will post a few in this thread.

Pending Pools. These pools are only viewable on the frontend to the commissioner of the pool AND members that have the pickem moderator permission "View pending pools". Doesn't matter if you are a Super Admin with GOD powers, if you don't have the permission, you won't see the pools. The Title of the Pool is muted on purpose (to make it standout as pending).

This does not apply to Pools Administration in the Admin CP as all pools are listed there.

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Status messages and muted buttons.

There are several places now that display status messages. Example in this screenshot, there is a status message that is telling the viewing user that the pool is Awaiting Approval).

Also, pools now display a muted button to viewing users that are not in the pool, to let them know the reason why they can't join the pool (same concept as the XFRM has in place of the download button). In future versions, I may even make it so that they can click on the button to launch an overlay to tell them exactly what permission(s) they are lacking (like not being in the Staff user group for example).

Standings page now has Sidebar that uses the Pickem pool: Sidebar top, Pickem pool: Sidebar middle and Pickem pool: Sidebar bottom widget positions. Also, if you enable the Players in pool block, it displays on the standings page now as well.

One of the Allow join pool options and permissions settings is "Allow join pool". When this option is disabled, it disables the ability for anyone to join the pool (even if they have a pool key).

When the Allow join pool is disable, the LOCK icon will display on the Pool List (Pickem Index page).


Mousing over the Lock Icon will display a title that explains the pool is not accepting any new players.


When viewing the pool, there will be a status message (only displaying to people not in the pool), and a muted join button.

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