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Implemented Pay via external cash/credits to join pool


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@Bob would you consider adding an option to allow members to buy in to do pickems? Settings like Sportsbook where you select the currency (in my case dbtech) and then admin set the amount to enter and payout final positions based on settings.
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It is something that will be considered.

btw, you can kinda already do that via the "Allow join pool by [Usergroup]" option for each pool. You can create PAID memberships that will promote a Member into a specific Usergroups (2018 Pickem) and then edit the pool and make it so that only members that are in the 2018 Pickem usergroup can JOIN the pool.
If you are only looking for a function that is tied to the JOIN POOL function.. eg, when they click on JOIN POOL, there would have to acknowledge that it cost X amount of cash to join the pool and as soon as the agree, it would deduct that amount from their account, I will consider that.

However, if you are looking for MORE than that (like expecting me to add PER WEEK deductions eg, having to pay EACH WEEK to set picks), then this is not going to happen. Nor will Pickem handle any PAYOUTS at the end of the season. You'd have to do that kind of stuff on your own.
Just the one payment on join pool option would great. Thanks for considering.
This has been implemented for Pickem 2.1.2

There are 2 new Pickem options associated with this new feature. The first is a simple on/off to enable the use of an external Cash/Points System and the second is a currency symbol.


When you enable the external cash/points system, you have to add the name of the column that is in the xf_user table that stores the cash/points data for what ever system you are using.

For this example, since I have Sportsbook installed on this development instance, I am going to use Sportsbook Cash (which is a built in Cash system for Sportsbook) so I add the name of the column to the input as shown below.

Note: The Developer of what ever Cash/Points system you use can provide you the name of the column to add.


If the cash/points system is enabled, there will be a new Pool option titled "Allow join pool amount". This lets you set an amount that is required to join the pool.

Note: Setting the amount to 0 (zero) (which is the default setting), means that the pool is FREE to join.


Paid pools have an "Cost to join" listed on the Pools Listings. As you can see, I have 2 "paid" pools and they both list the cost to join the pool.


In this shot, the viewing user meets all the requirements to JOIN the pool, except they don't have enough cash/points available, so they will see an insufficient funds warning along with how much it costs to join.


In this shot, the viewing user has permission to Join the pool and has enough funds to join, so they will see a button that will launch an overlay that they will have to confirm (since it performs a transaction).


Its just a simple confirmation overlay.


Thats it in a nut shell. It does what its designed to do and thats it.
Brilliant addition Bob. Thank you for considering it. My members will love this.
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