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Partially Implemented Integration with Cash Systems

Discussion in 'Pickem Closed Suggestions' started by -Ice-, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. -Ice-

    -Ice- New Member

    Hi Bob, we've been using Sportsbook on our site for a long time now in addition to bdBanking and it's been really well-received by our users. Is there any possibility of integrating the cash systems with Pick'em? I realize it's not entirely the point (pure cash-based competition) like Sportsbook, but it might add a little incentive for some users.

    I was thinking this: a user would have to subscribe (with virtual cash) to a pool, where they have to pay a certain amount each week to stay in the pool. At the end of that week, the top 3 users would get paid out certain (different) amounts. I could probably implement this myself if we opt to purchase Pick'em but it would be great if you could consider adding it as a core feature.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Adding in a "Cost to play" would be easy as that could be tied into the "Join Pool" functionality. The 2nd part (pay to stay) would be a bit more challenging as it would have to be tied to a certain static code event like "Week Start Date" that CRON would check and would attempt to collect payment... then flag a player's record (probably a bool field) that would allow picks to be made. NOW, with that said, that would require changing the core addon to make it so that you couldn't make future picks (which is something that people WANT the ability to have). so you can see why it wouldn't be so easy to do lol You can't tie it into making the picks, cause picks can be changed at any time prior to the week locking. Charging each time they want to edit their picks wouldn't be good either.

    Awarding Monies on wins would have to be manual since scoring is manual. Could be a simple link on the week management that says "Pay Winners" which would only turn into a link once all games for the week have been scored. (just thinking out loud).

    There are possibilities, just need to do some brain storming :)
  3. -Ice-

    -Ice- New Member

    Ok, thank you for considering it. The easiest way I could think to do it would have to be adding another table with user_id, pool_id, subscription_active (boolean), and last_paid (just a timestamp). Every time they try to access a pool you lookup their id and pool id in the table and check the subscription_active, and every time the winners are paid out, run a cron that automatically charges everyone who's still subscribed (change subscription_active to false via front-end button to cancel the subscription).
  4. blatchy

    blatchy Member AMS Pickem Power Rankings Sportsbook Survivor

    Any word on this?

    I currently use php pickem which works fine, but having it integrate with xenforo and bd bank would be awesome
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its still under consideration, but not under development. When suggestions are in development, I change the status from "Considered" to "Under Development".
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