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Implemented Cash to Poor System enhancements


Staff member
I've made some long overdue enhancements to the Cash to Poor feature in Sportsbook.

There are now 3 options (2 new) that control the "Cash to Poor" System.

The first option (new) allows you to Enable or Disable the entire system. The default setting for this is Enabled.

The 2nd option (old) allows you to set the cash amount that you wish to give users that meet the requirement to receive (must have 0 cash on hand AND meet the cutoff days requirement). The default setting for this is 100.

The 3rd option (new) allows you to the cutoff days (the min number of days since their last cash to poor payment). The Default setting for this is 7 (one week).

NOTE: This is not limited to just "Use Sportsbook Cash System". It works with the "User Other Cash/Points Field".


Users will now also receive an alert letting them know that they received X amount of Sportsbook Cash. I just made a very generic phrase for it (nflj_sportsbook_you_have_received_sportsbook_cash) that you can modify to suit your sites needs.

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I've also added "Cash to Poor Transactions" to the Cash Management page. The Transactions are listed in order by Date (descending eg, Most Recent - Oldest). The list is also paginated (100 results per page)


The Transactions list is filterable by User Name so that you can filter down to a specific user if need be.