sportsbook 1.9.0 beta 1

  1. Bob

    Implemented Creating Member Bets from an Event

    Creating Member bets from an Event has changed significantly. NOTE: This does not change how Bets are created from the Betting Exchange in any way shape or form. The "Create Bet" button that was in the Breadcrumb area has been REMOVED from all EVENT pages as it was causing way too much...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Creating/Editing/Deleting of Outcomes is now all handled directly on the Event page.

    A per title, Creating Outcomes, Editing Outcomes and Deleting Outcomes is now all handled directly on the Event page instead of having to go into the Edit Event Page. In the image below, the red arrows point to NEW additions or changes. The first thing you will see is "Show/Hide Create...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Edit bet misc changes

    Currently, once a bet has been settled, the bet can not be edited. That has changed. Bets can now be edited by Admins, Moderators and Bookies (with appropriate permissions) AFTER the bet has been settled. The Bet Owner however can not edit the bet after it has been settled (unless of course...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Change bet status to "Awaiting Settlement" before close date

    The Bet Owner (or Bookies with permission) can now change the Bet Status from "Accepted" to "Awaiting Settlement" before the close date. Again, this option is only available to the Bet Owner and Bookies that have permission to Edit Any Bet. How it works. When the Bet is in "Accepted" mode...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Sportsbook Event Page: Message Field for Rich Text

    As per title, Sportsbook Events now have a "Message" field for adding Rich Content to your Events. This is handled via a Rich Text (aka BBCode) editor (same rich test editor as used for creating posts). There is a 10,000 Character limit (this is hard coded into the DataWriter). That should be...
  6. Bob

    Implemented Bet Page Redesign

    I've redesigned the bet page based on feedback from several license holders. This new layout works better with all responsive break points and only includes the VITAL information needed by the viewing user. The vital information is now more prominently displayed via CSS Classes that use larger...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Cash to Poor System enhancements

    I've made some long overdue enhancements to the Cash to Poor feature in Sportsbook. There are now 3 options (2 new) that control the "Cash to Poor" System. The first option (new) allows you to Enable or Disable the entire system. The default setting for this is Enabled. The 2nd option...
  8. Bob

    Implemented New Option: Default Sportsbook Cash Amount

    As per title, there is a NEW Option that controls the Default Sportsbook Cash Amount that is given to newly created users (either new registrations or users created via the Admin CP). NOTE: Default amount is 500. The image shows my testing amount. NOTE: This replaces the OLD...
  9. M

    Default cash value issue

    Hello there, I had when i configured Sportsbook configured its cash (default virtual currency) for 500. Yet days ago, it started awarding 1K again to all new users. I have no idea how this happened, i go to admin panel > cash tools and the default was set at 500, it only worked to new users...
  10. M

    Path to Category Image hard coded to default style

    Hello there, I have noticed when uploading a category icon, that it seems it is requiring you to upload the same image to 2 different locations. On the Sportsbook homepage, and event page, it is looking for the category image on:/styles/default/ On the sidebar (up-coming events), it is...
  11. Kintaro

    Implemented Parse bbcode (at least URLs) in settlement comments

    can be useful to link an official website with proofs about the results
  12. Bob

    Implemented Betting Exchange: New Bookie Permission - Settle own bets as Bookie

    As per title, add a new Bookie Permission 'Settle bets involved in as bookie'. This will allow a bookie to settle bets AS A BOOKIE, that they are the owner of or challenger of. Settling as a bookie bypasses the "Self Settlement" process. When this permission is set: If the bet owner is...