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Implemented Creating Member Bets from an Event


Staff member
Creating Member bets from an Event has changed significantly.

NOTE: This does not change how Bets are created from the Betting Exchange in any way shape or form.

The "Create Bet" button that was in the Breadcrumb area has been REMOVED from all EVENT pages as it was causing way too much confusion. Members can still create bets from an event, however, it is now done on the "View Member Bets" page only!

The "View Member Bets" tab now displays on all events if the viewing user has permission to View the Betting Exchange (currently, it only displays IF there are any bets associated with the event).

When viewing the "View Member Bets" page, if the viewing user has permission to create bets, there will be a "Show/Hide Create Member Bet" link. Clicking this will expose the Bet Create Form (which is slightly different than creating a Bet within the Betting Exchange itself).

As mentioned, the creating a Member Bet from an Event page is slightly different that creating a regular bet. You only enter the Bet Description, Bet amount and whether to create on OPEN bet or Create bet with a specific Member. The Title, Close Date and Timezone are inherited from the Event.

NOTE: When you create a Bet from an Event, you are redirected back to the View Member bets page of the Event (instead of being redirected to the Bet Page itself). This is designed on purpose for being able to quickly create multiple bets for an event.

In this first image, you will see the new LINK on the "View Member Bets" page.


In this shot, I've click on the link to expose the input form. As you can see, you only need to fill in the bet description, bet amount and choose to bet against someone specific or make it open for anyone to claim.


NOTE: After creating the bet, the Input Form will retain the data so that you can quickly create the same bet again, but with a different user (or if you want to create multiple open bets). If you want to create a different bet, just change the inputs that you want. It makes it super fast to create multiple bets this way.

As you can see in the image below, I've added the above images bet (3 bets now instead of 2) and the input form retains the description, amount and bet type information so that you can quickly either submit it again (in the case of wanting to submit the same OPEN bet multiple times or leave the description and amount the same, but change the person in the case of wanting to bet several of your buddies the same bet.

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