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Default cash value issue

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Hello there,

I had when i configured Sportsbook configured its cash (default virtual currency) for 500. Yet days ago, it started awarding 1K again to all new users.

I have no idea how this happened, i go to admin panel > cash tools and the default was set at 500, it only worked to new users again with 500 when i clicked Update Default Cash again.

I haven't done anything i can think off so the addon would ignore the default value and go back to default (with still showing 500 on the admin panel). Ideas?
Okay there must exist some bug with Sportsbook here, i set it to 500 yesterday and then went to sleep. I come back today and the new users are getting by default 1000 cash again. It's ignoring it after a while:

I'm being forced to update the default cash of new members from 1K to 500 manually as even with the default setting there new users are now being awarded 1K.
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Could be a new bug due to recent changes with the way the xf_user table is being extended. I'll move to bugs for further troubleshooting.
Well, this wasn't a BUG per say, but there were some recent changes to both Sportsbook and XenForo that could cause some undesired "odd" behavior depending on how a new user was added (specially if there are any addons that tie into the User DataWriter), so I've re-written a bunch of Sportsbook Cash related functionality this afternoon to include some changes to how the default sportsbook cash amount is managed.

The default value for the actual field in the DataBase is now set to 0 (as the default amount is now fully controlled by the User DataWriter). The default value set by the User DataWriter is now determined by a new Sportsbook Option setting "Default Sporstbook Cash Amount" which has a default value of 500 (which means you won't need to do anything on upgrade as you want it set to 500 anyway).

The Sportsbook >> Cash Tools >> Default Cash Amount, has been REMOVED (as its no longer used).
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