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Implemented Betting Exchange: New Bookie Permission - Settle own bets as Bookie


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As per title, add a new Bookie Permission 'Settle bets involved in as bookie'.

This will allow a bookie to settle bets AS A BOOKIE, that they are the owner of or challenger of. Settling as a bookie bypasses the "Self Settlement" process.

When this permission is set:

If the bet owner is BOOKIE and has this permission, when they settle the bet, it will bypass the self settlement process and fully settle the bet AS A BOOKIE.

If the bet challenger is BOOKIE and has this permission, when they settle the bet, it will bypass the self settlement process and fully settle the bet AS A BOOKIE.
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This has been implemented.

NOTE: This functionality does not CHANGE existing functionality. Everything you could do previously is still in play. This only adds more flexibility via an additional permission that lets you give more power to Bookies that might be owners or challengers of Bets.

There is a NEW Sportsbook Bookie Permissions - Betting Exchange Permission named "Settle own bets as bookie". This permission allows Bet Owners or Bet Challengers that are also "Bookies" to settle their own Bets AS a Bookie (not as an owner or challenger). When settling AS a Bookie, the Bet will be instantly and fully settled without the other party having to self settle. This comes in handy for sites that only have ONE Bookie (usually the sole Site Admin).


In this example, I am logged in as the Bet Owner. As you can see, there are now TWO buttons. One that says "Settle Bet" and the other that says "Settle Bet as Bookie". This is because the viewing user (the bet owner) has permission to both SELF Settle and Settle as a Bookie. The Settle Bet button is always only for SELF SETTLEMENT and will only display to the Bet Owner or Bet Challenger. The Settle Bet as Bookie only displays to Bookies that are not part of the bet OR to the Bet Owner or Bet Challenger if they have the Permission to Settle their own Bet as a Bookie.

When both buttons are available, you have the option of Self Settling OR Settling as a Bookie.

When an Bet Owner or Bet Challenger settles the Bet as a Bookie, it instantly settles the bet just as it does when a Bookie settles it. It completely bypasses the Self Settlement process!

NOTE: If you have the ability to Settle as a Bookie and you choose to Self Settle, you can still settle the Bet as a Bookie if the other party has not yet self settled (in case the other party is dragging their feet).


In this shot, I am logged in as a BOOKIE that is not part of the Bet, so all that is available is the "Settle Bet as Bookie" button.

In this shot, I am logged in as the Bet Challenger. The Bet challenger is not a bookie, nor do they have permission to settle as a bookie, so the only option they have is to Self Settle.

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NOTE: The Bet page Layout has been modified, so the above images are examples of the OLD Layout, but the functionality remains the same.

Here is a shot of the NEW Layout with the Buttons where they will display.