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Updated Move Blog Entry Function - New Blog Entry User Permission "Move own blog entries"


Staff member
As per title, I've added a new UBS Blog Entry User permission "Move own blog entries".

This is to give Admins a bit finer control over which user groups might be able to move their own blog entries. I say MIGHT, because this individual permission is not the only factor that comes into play. This permission is used in the canMove() permissions check function, which determines whether or not the viewing user can use the move function.

Currently, Blog Entry Owners that can EDIT their blog entry, can also MOVE their Blog Entry into another Category. I recently expanded the MOVE function to also include being able to move an entry into another BLOG (Implemented Beta - Move Blog Entry from one Blog to another Blog). With this change, I felt like I needed to give admins an additional permission for finer control of which user groups can use the function.


Note: The installer/upgrader will preset this permission for all user groups based on what the "Edit own blog entries" permission is set to.. eg if your Registered User Group "Edit own blog entries" is set to YES, then the "Move own blog entries" will be preset to YES.
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