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Implemented Beta Move Blog Entry Function - Destination Blog (Move Entry to Another Blog)


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I'd like to move some Blog Entries from one of my Blogs to another Blog (not to another Category).

I could not see a way to move specific Blog Entries from one of my Blogs to another one of my Blogs, I could only see a way to move from one Category to another Category.

I am requesting a similar function to move Blog Entries to another Blog.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented (BETA) in UBS 2.2.34

The Move blog entry function has been expanded to also include being able to move a blog entry into another blog. Keep in mind, this is a bit different than moving an Entry from one category to another category as Blog OWNERSHIP comes into play.

You can move a blog entry from one of YOUR Blogs into another one of YOUR Blogs.

You can move one of your Blog Entries into a Community Blog (as long as you are allowed to post entries in that community blog).

This is not a free for all. There are restrictions to moving blogs (mainly Content Ownership related). Just like Joe Blow can not post a blog entry in one of Nancy Smiths Blogs, One of Joe Blow's blog entries can not be moved to one of Nancy Smiths Blogs (Unless its a community blog Managed by Nancy Smith).

Note: This is currently only available as an individual Blog Entry function. This is not available as an inline moderation tool for moving multiple blog entries.

Important note: The Destination blog part of this is BETA (Not supported), so I'd highly recommend doing thorough testing on a testing/staging instance before using it in production.