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Implemented Edit bet misc changes


Staff member
Currently, once a bet has been settled, the bet can not be edited. That has changed. Bets can now be edited by Admins, Moderators and Bookies (with appropriate permissions) AFTER the bet has been settled. The Bet Owner however can not edit the bet after it has been settled (unless of course the bet owner is a Admin, Moderator or Bookie with appropriate permissions).

The reason for this is the need to Edit the Owner, Challenger and Bookies settlement messages (for moderation purposes).

Another change is that Admins, Moderators and Bookies can also edit the Challenger Accept Message (again, for moderation purposes)

As you see here, the bet is Settled, however, since I have the appropriate permission (Admin and the permission to edit any bet), the Edit Link displays.


The Bet form will display text area's for fields that you are able to edit. Not all the same fields will be available for each bet (which I will list after this image).


What determines which message fields will be available?

These fields are only available to ADMINS and MODERATORS (is_admin and is_moderator as defined by Core XenForo)

Challenger Accept Message. It will only be available IF the Challenger actually posted a message. If not, you can not ADD one for them. You can only change it or remove it if there is one.

Owner Settlement Message: It will only be available IF the Owner Self Settled the Bet.

Challenger Settlement Message: It will only be available IF the Challenger Self Settled the Bet.

Bookie Settlement Message: It will only be available IF the Bet was settled by a Bookie.
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