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Not Planned Send PM with picks and timestamp when the picks were entered

Discussion in 'Pickem Closed Suggestions' started by Dannymh, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. Dannymh

    Dannymh New Member Pickem

    In previous versions I had written my own addon that modified your addon to send a PM with the users tips to them so there was an additional record and the user could see if there was a mistake with the tips they had entered.

    This is really good for challenges because you can always refer them back to that PM. Before I write that functionality I am wondering whether it is something that you thought about adding to the code?

    The other thing as well is adding a timestamp for when the Pick was added, against this is just an audit trail so that when people who think they picked a different result question you (happens at least once a week for me) I can go back to them and say the timestamp shows you added your pick at x time with x pick, this with the PM record gives really good coverage for challenges
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    No, however, I've thought about adding LOGS to the Admin CP. Won't get into details of that tho until I decide to consider it.

    Adding a create date for the initial adding of the record to the table is doable, however, players can CHANGE their picks and that doesn't create a NEW record, it updates the existing record, so there is NO WAY of saying "You picked X team on X date" as I am not tracking historical data of each edit.. eg

    Game: Raiders (Team ID 1) vs Broncos (Team ID 2).

    Bob chooses Raiders, so a record is created in the picks table storing the user_id, pool_id, season_id, week_id, game_id, team_id and if its a survivor pool, the pick settled date.

    Bob then edits his picks and changes his pick on the Raiders vs Broncos game to "Broncos", the SAVE process checks to see if a record exists and if it does, it UPDATES the record and the only thing that changes is the team_id.

    So as you can see, there is data that Bob picked the Raiders, even if there was a create date as the is no EDIT history for picks.

    Even adding both a create date and an edit date, you STILL wouldn't be able to say you picked X TEAM on X DATE, only that you made a pick on X data and if there is data in the edit date, you could say that you last made a change to that game/match on X date.

    Anyway... I don't mind adding in some DATE fields to the picks table, however, that wouldn't come in a 3rd point maintenance release as it would be considered major architecture change (that also would require quite a bit of code modifications/enhancements. That a lot for something "extra" that wouldn't be used in the Addon, but only for customization purposes.

    Hope all that made sense... I've not even been able to enjoy my morning coffee yet lol
  3. Dannymh

    Dannymh New Member Pickem

    I have added PM to user when they make a selection just need to get around PM to self issue as PM comes from commissioners account and if they are a member as well they wont get tips.

    Once I finish it I will post it here. I am also going to build in an audit trail as well which will be a single row record of a persons picks with a date stamp. Then audit trail will be able to be viewed by admin or commissioner where they can select the user and the week and it will get all audit records for the picker to be able to therefore show a record in case there is a challenge.

    Finally I am going to add a "Joker" round option where everyone gets one joker round, selecting that joker round gives the person double points for that round. Joker can only be used once, and must be selected before any game for the week has started.

    I may also re-add my bonus game that I previously had where you can choose an individual game for that round, picking that correctly gives you a bonus point.

    Happy to provide these addon addons if anyone is interested I think @tajhay may want these. @tajhay I have my import working for NRL if you want that too
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  4. Dannymh

    Dannymh New Member Pickem

    To explain the audit trail a little better its a new table
    [id, pool, week, user_id, event, event_date, picks]

    A record would hold all of the above and picks would show all their actual picks rather than each individual one in order to save space. event is whether it was an update or creation event.

    so would be
    [1, 5, 201, 2, Create, <datetime stamp>, {raiders, broncos, sharks, Eagles}]

    I will also have the ability to clear records for an entire pool so you can clear it at the end of a season

    It seems like a lot of work, but I get a lot of disputes and the PM is the first step in helping to combat this and given there is money involved in my comps I think it is worth being able to dispute disputes

    BIGLLC Member Pickem

    Yes a log for Admin, plus a convo or an email on submission would help a LOT with "I picked the Tigers but it says I made no pick" type of help requests/complaints.

    Right now we can't prove it either way so you get an unsatisfied player. We can say "you must not have saved it" all we want, but time-stamped proof in the player's hands would solve this issue and leave satisfied players.
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