ams 1.6.0

  1. Bob

    Updated Misc Article Page changes

    As some of you might have noticed by looking at screen shots of other Article Page features, there are some changes to a few things. First thing SOME of you might notice is that the "Table of Contents" link is no longer at the top. This has been COMMENTED OUT as its duplication with the Page...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Post "New Review" message to thread

    There is a new OPTION that allows you to Enable or Disable this simple feature. There are 2 important requirements involved in determining whether or not a review qualifies to be posted to a thread (besides obviously needing an associated thread). The user posting the Review MUST be able...
  3. Bob

    Updated Layout Type Options: Changes to Snippet Settings

    As per title, I've made some changes to the Snippet settings on ALL of the Layout Type Options (includes slider options, modular layout, forum home, cta as well as normal options). This something that I've wanted to change for several years and is already implemented in RMS. It makes much more...
  4. Bob

    Updated Warning Handler: Reviews

    I've updated the Warning Handler for Reviews to allow you to set Public Warning Messages. Up until now, the Reviews handler has had the canPubliclyDisplayWarning method set to FALSE (which is how the XFRM does it for reviews), which tells the Warning System to not let you post public warning...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Warning Handler: Articles

    As per title, I've implemented a Warning Handler for Articles which now allows you to warn Article Authors. There is a new Moderator permission that you will need to set. And when the viewing user has permission to warn an Article Author, they will see the WARN link in the private...
  6. Bob

    Updated AMS Options Management Changes

    I've had to change the way that AMS Options are Managed. AMS has too many options to be managed in a single option group (specially with the amount of category choosers being used which are causing issues with being able to save options because of some server configurations). I had to make the...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Article Description Min Message Length

    OK, so this is what I came up with (and is the ONLY workable solution). I've added a new option that lets you set the Article Description Min Message Length. Leaving set to 0 disables this option for those of you that don't want to use it. When a Description is REQUIRED, the Article...
  8. Bob

    Updated Review Create and Edit forms updated

    As per title, I've updated the Review Create and Edit forms. I've change the ORDER of the inputs. The order is now (top to bottom): Title Overall Rating Review Attachments Review Fields TOP Pros Cons Review Fields MIDDLE Review Fields BOTTOM Review Fields SELF PLACEMENT SAVE BUTTON Various...
  9. Bob

    Implemented Misc Article Page changes

    As some of you might have noticed by looking at screen shots of other Article Page features, there are some changes to a few things. First thing SOME of you might notice is that the "Table of Contents" link is no longer at the top. This has been COMMENTED OUT as its duplication with the Page...
  10. Bob

    Implemented Enable 'View Full Article' links on Multi Page Articles

    As per title, I've added a new option "Enable 'View Full Article' links on Multi Page Articles" that when enabled, will add "View Full Article" links to various navigation elements on a multi page article allowing the viewing user to view the full article on a single page. When this option is...
  11. Bob

    Implemented Article Pages: Image Attachments

    As per title, Article Pages now implement an attachment handler allowing authors to upload and embed image attachment into their article pages. Article pages have their own Permission Interface group now allowing you to control article page images without effecting other similar settings...
  12. Bob

    Implemented Quick approve/unapprove comment

    As per title, I've added a quick approve and unapprove links to the private controls for comments. It has been driving me absolutely nuts to have to use inline moderation or the mod queue for this.
  13. Bob

    Implemented Notify author of this action w/reason

    As per title, the ability to send an alert (along with a reason) to the content owner when performing a moderator type action on an Article, Comment, Comment Reply or Review. If the owner of the content and the content itself meets the criteria to be notified of the specific action, you will...
  14. Bob

    Implemented Article Reply Bans

    This has been implemented. It works exactly like Thread Reply Bans work (both from a Management perspective and a user perspective). An Article Reply Ban prevents a user from rating articles, reviewing articles, posting comments and replying to comments. It does NOT prevent them from VIEWING an...
  15. Bob

    Updated Post Update Message

    I've made some slight modifications to the "Post Update Message" functionality. First major change is that it no longer creates a post if the "Post Update Message" input is left blank. In previous versions, if the "Post Update Message" input was left blank, it would still create a post but it...
  16. Bob

    Implemented Set Prefix on Associated Thread during convert Thread to Article process

    When converting a discussion thread to an AMS Article, if the "Add Prefix to Thread" option is set for the selected category, then the post convert process will include updating the discussion thread record and setting the prefix (regardless if there is an existing one set or not).
  17. Bob

    Implemented When converting thread, preserve first post

    As per title, when converting a thread to an article, some people prefer to preserve the first post of the discussion thread instead of replacing the first post with a new message. AMS had an option to do this, but it was either ON or OFF for everyone. I've removed that in favor of adding an...
  18. Bob

    Implemented When converting thread, also convert views

    I've added an option "Set article views count using thread views count". This way, you have a choice to set or nor set the views count on convert. This option is available on both the individual thread to article convert or inline moderation for bulk converting threads to articles.
  19. Bob

    Implemented Order categories alphabetical if display order is the same

    This has been implemented in AMS 1.6.0 Beta 1.
  20. Bob

    Implemented Feature / unfeature article by self

    As per title, there is a new permissions that allow you to give Article Authors the ability to feature their own content (Articles).