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Implemented Notify author of this action w/reason


Staff member
As per title, the ability to send an alert (along with a reason) to the content owner when performing a moderator type action on an Article, Comment, Comment Reply or Review.

If the owner of the content and the content itself meets the criteria to be notified of the specific action, you will see a check box that when checked, will send the owner of the content an alert telling them that an action was taken on their content. You also have the option of providing a reason for the action on the content.

If you are performing a moderator action on your own content, you won't see this option as there is no need to alert yourself! This is exactly how XenForo and XFRM/XFMG work.

If the Content or the Content's Parent is not VISIBLE (moderated or soft deleted), you also will not see the option to notify author. This is exactly how XenForo and XFRM/XFMG work.

Im not going to post a screen of every single action for this as this is as its the same as core xenforo, xfrm and xfmg (and rms and ubs and soon showcase as well).

Here are a couple examples.




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