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Author Bio Length


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I am asking as a sanity check. Is there a place to limit the characters of the author bio? I had a new author write a 500+ word bio. It's almost the same length as the article and wanted to set it lower or put a cap on it. I can't find where to set the limit so either I can find it through all my settings, google search, xenaddons search, or it doesn't exist.

Is this a thing? By the way, article submissions have been picking up so everything is running very smooth! Thanks Bob!
The About Author has a MAX LENGTH of 2000 characters. That is set by the DataWriter. There is no option to set a max limit. You can create a suggestion thread for it, however, I'd probably log into the Private Development site and post it there as an Early Adopter as it holds much more weight.
Fair enough and I appreciate the fast response. I will head over there and write it up. Glad I am not crazy :) I have become a much stronger xF admin this year.