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Resolved Category limiting to children only


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I can't find how to limit the parent category to show only its children. I have three parent categories. Example is "Members Rides" as a parent. It has 5 children. You can see that here: Showcase-GCC

If I click on the parent in the Navigation menu, it shows the children as it should.

If I click on the category name in the title area in the body to view the selections, rather than just get the children, I get everything in my showcase, in this case, I get the 3 rides but also all the articles we've written that are children of the Article parent.

I don't see how to limit to children only - what am I missing

You can see that here: Showcase-GCC
That LINK takes me to Showcase INDEX page, not to a Category Page. The Showcase Index page is going to list all content in the system (just like the XenForo Resource Manager Index page lists all content in the system, just like the XenForo Media Gallery index page lists all content in the system).

This is a Category Page: Members Ride's <--- look at the URL, it includes the route /categories/category-title.category_id

I get everything in my showcase
That is only possible on the Showcase INDEX page (and only when Showcase Home is configured to be a standard index).

A Category will only display content within its TREE.


Using your Category Tree setup, when you click on Members Rides, its going to display content from Members Ride's Category AND all of its children (Roadster, Coupe, GT40, Mustang, Other), which is what its currently doing.

As you can see here, we are viewing the Members Ride's category, which display content from the Members Ride's Category AND all of its children (Roadster, Coupe, GT40, Mustang, Other). There are only 3 items in the Members Ride's Category TREE (all in the Roadster category, which will display in its PARENT, which is Member Rides). If any of the other sub categories (Coupe, GT40, Mustang, Other) had items, those items would ALSO display in the Members Ride's category (as content from the ENTIRE TREE is displayed).


If you click on Roadster, its only going to display content in the Roadster category as the Roadster category does not have any sub categories. If the Category Roadster had any sub categories and any of those sub categories had content, those items would display in the Roadster Category AS WELL AS in the Members Ride's Category (as again, the entire TREE of content is display).


If you click on the Coupe category, its going to be an empty listing as it has no content posted in it yet. However, if you create an item in the Coupe Category, its going to display in the Coupe Category AND in the Members Rides, but it won't display in Roadster or GT40 or Mustang or Other as those categories are in a different BRANCH of the Tree.


Same thing applies to the Articles Category. When viewing the Articles Category, its going to display content from ALL of its children (Show Information, Track Day, Cruise, Build, Maintenance).

I've navigated through your Showcase and not a single CATEGORY LINK takes me to a Category Page that lists ALL content in the system. The only place that does that is Showcase Index page.

Maybe configure Showcase to use Modular Index instead of Standard Index. That way you can customize Showcase Home to look more like a Portal vs a listing of all content in the system?
The only other thing that I can think of that you MIGHT be talking about is when viewing a Showcase Item, there are 2 sidebar blocks that display items (Note: these can be displayed either in the sidebar or below the item content).

The two blocks are "More in [Category Title]" and "More from [Item owner username].

The "More in [Category Title]", fetches recent items from within the same Category Tree as the Category that the Item that is being view is in.

The "More from [Item owner]" fetches any recent items that the Item Owner has posted system wide (as its not about the Category, its about the member). This is as designed and works the same in the XenForo Resource Manager (which is what I based the design off of). Its really just a mini version of the Showcase Author page (which lists all Items that they've created, and in fact, the block title links the viewing user to the Item Owners Author page).

Both of those blocks can be disabled via showcase options.
Got it figured out. I did have the page set to modular, but I had not filled in the Block title link. When I put in the link from the parent category display, all is working as it should

Thanks for your patience. This stuff is very complex and I am only slowly learning. We'll get there Thanks
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