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Implemented "Save as draft" and "Your draft articles"


Staff member
thomas1 said:
Currently, it does not seem to be possible to save multiple articles as drafts like we could in AMS 1.x.
Bob said:
You are correct. AMS 2.x only uses the low level "draft" function of the XF editor (which does work), however, it only saves one "draft" per category, per user, so it is NOT as good as what AMS 1.x had that allows you to save multiple articles per category as a true draft article.
[QUOTE="thomas1]....but if I remember correctly, some sort of "publishing system" for articles is somewhere in the pipeline for AMS 2.x.[/QUOTE]

ALtho the Publishing Center is in the works, I've taken some time to implement some temporary functionality that lets your members save draft articles within AMS (instead of the limited XF draft system). This works similar to how it did in AMS 1.x (minus the delayed publishing).

I've added a new permission that allows users to save articles as draft. You probably don't want everyone to have this feature, so making it permissions based is appropriate (this lets you limit this to a publishers group vs the entire site0.


When the viewing user has the permission to save articles as draft, they will see IN RED, an option that they can check to save the article as a draft. The explain text informs the viewing user that they can access drafts via navigation "Articles >> Your articles >> Your draft articles".


The "Your articles" navigation link is now a dropdown that has 2 sub navigation links ("Your published articles" and "Your draft articles").

When clicking on "Your draft articles", you are taken to a page that will fetch any AMS Draft Articles that you have in the system. This does not include any of the XF autosaved drafts (those are not actual AMS Articles yet, those are just some saved data in the XF draft system).


As you can see, when I click on the article title, it takes me to the draft article (its an actual AMS article, not a saved auto draft).

You can edit and save as much as you want while working on it and then when you are ready to publish it, you click on the "Publish draft" button, which will launch a confirmation overlay. The article gets published as if it was normally created without saving as a draft.


Note: This is FAR from perfect and only temporary while the Publishing Center is being developed, but should get you by in the mean time (its better than nothing and works like AMS 1.x did).
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