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How to learn Showcase

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by PaulProe, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. PaulProe

    PaulProe New Member SC Premium

    We just added the Showcase Add-on to our website and are looking for the best way to learn how to use it. I haven't been able to find any documentation. I did find a thread that said to look to the 'implemented' prefixes but don't find any of those.

    As I begin to play with it, the first thing I see in the Item Fields is the FieldID and the note "This is the unique identifier for this field. It cannot be changed once set." I understand unique identifiers but what is best practice? Numbers, names, whatever?

    What is the most expeditious way to learn Showcase?
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The best way to learn it is to just do stuff and see what it does.

    Things like Prefixes and Custom Fields are core systems, so Showcase Item Prefixes are managed just like Thread Prefixes are, so if you know how to managed thread prefixes, Showcase Item Prefixes are exactly the same as far as creating them, associating them with a Showcase Category etc etc etc. Same with Custom Fields, Showcase uses the Core XF Custom Fields System, so anything you can do with Custom User Fields and Custom Thread Fields, you can do with Custom Item Fields and Custom Review Fields in Showcase :)

    Options for Showcase are handled via the Core XF Options System.

    Showcase Categories use the Core XF Category System as a base, however, Showcase has A LOT MORE per category settings/options than say the XFRM or XFMG that also use the Core XF Categories System.

    Showcase is heavily permissions based, so one of the first things you will want to do is set all of the Showcase Permissions (user group permissions). There are A LOT of them as Showcase is packed with features and needs a lot of permissions. You might want to consider just setting permissions for your admin group so that you can learn it with out your forum members seeing it :)

    The best way to learn is to create some categories and configure those categories differently so that you can see how per category options work.

    You should also create several (dozens) Showcase Items, so that you can see how things look with multiple pieces of content (its hard to understand what Grid View looks like if you only have 1 test item, you need several (which is why I recommend creating at least a dozen). And don't just do "asdf asdf asdf asdfasdf" for titles and message content, that doesn't give you any learning experience and it looks like crap. Use Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator for content needs. Upload attachments, so that you can see how the cover image system works.

    Learning by doing is by far the BEST approach and I am always an inbox away for any questions that you might have. Create some content, change various options and category settings to see how options/settings work.

    If you are familiar with XF Nodes, Thread Prefixes, Thread Fields, then you will have no problem understanding SC Categories, Item Prefixes and Item Fields as they are managed in the same manner (for standardization).

    Also, Showcase comes packed with several Widget Definitions that allow you to create tons of different types of Widgets that can be displayed anywhere that you want (either via built in widget positions or manually adding a widget where ever you want to).

    Hope that helps :)
  3. PaulProe

    PaulProe New Member SC Premium

    Thanks, Bob that helps. Couple other things

    1) How do I use Showcase for two different areas? I'd like to have a garage for members cars and in another part of the same forum, use it to list a bunch of technical items

    2) for our Garage area, I'd like to have three tabs (general, specs, images) - I see how to use sections as tabs. But on the specs page, I'd like to use certain headers (Chassis, Engine, Transmission, etc) with user fields under each of those. Can I mix sections per page/tab?

    This is a link to our current page that I am working from
    Garage: PaulProe - 1965 Shelby Roadster
    May help you understand what I'm trying to do


  4. Forsaken

    Forsaken XI Support AMS Premium CAS Premium EMS Early Adopter IMS Premium LD Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    For the two different areas, you would just create two different categories, with sub categories as needed for each category.

    Sections are configurable per category, and can be named however you want with any description. You can also choose to display item fields in specific categories and even within specific sections (here is the options below):


    For what you wish to do specifically, you would want it so that the Gallery shows as a tab (in options), and that each of the item fields are set to the appropriate section that you want (Section 1-6).

    I did a quick set up with the first section of your example:


    You can change where the heading image is in the options (I just prefer it in the sidebar).

    To show your fields in columns the way I did in this example, you are going to want to use this CSS:

       @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {
           columns: 1;
           -webkit-columns: 1;
           -moz-columns: 1;
       @media only screen and (min-width: 600px) {
           columns: 2;
           -webkit-columns: 2;
           -moz-columns: 2;
       @media only screen and (min-width: 1050px) {
           columns: 3;
           -webkit-columns: 3;
           -moz-columns: 3;
    Credit to Clean 3 Column Custom Field Lists.
    Bob likes this.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Another option is to use another addon like XFRM or AMS (or some of my newer private addons like IMS for example). Obviously more cost involved, but is a popular choice of many.
  6. PaulProe

    PaulProe New Member SC Premium

    Thanks for your reply and help. I am moving along but still having a few issues - I'll get there

    I think I've been able to edit settings and get close but am having problems with columns CSS. Do I just cut/paste that into extra.less? Tried that but nothing changed. Sorry, but I am trying to come up to speed on a lot of different fronts.
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    That is not something that is supported for Custom Fields, so you'll have to inbox @Forsaken and chat about that customization privately. For what its worth, that kind of customization would be the same for ANY Custom Fields system (User Fields, Thread Fields, Media Fields, Resource Fields etc), so there might be information posts at XF.com about it. Its not something built into the core xf custom fields system tho.
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