1. Carlo

    Filter Custom Fields

    Hi there, I am trying to find a way to filter custom fields. I've made several custom fields in an item category, but I can't find a way to filter them on the index. I found this add-on by another developer but I wanted to know if there's a possibility to filter items by custom fields through...
  2. electrogypsy

    [resolved] links get flagged by spam system?

    Hey there, I'm testing showcase 3.0.0 Beta 2 with XF 2.0.10, and when editing an item, i decided to try and see if i could throw a youtube link in (to see if SC would use s9e's addon to auto-embed) and I got a message saying: "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your...
  3. Neal

    Showcase Cost to upgrade Showcase 1 lifetime to Showcase 2?

    How much will it cost to upgrade the Showcase xF1 lifetime to the Showcase xF2 please?
  4. beanfan78

    Showcase Terms of Service

    Upfront, yes, I know that the site has a Terms of Service and I can add my terms there for Showcase. I have new members that tend to overlook the Terms on all websites. I do it too, but I want to add one more thing to the Create Item>Choose Category modal. I just want a couple lines under the...
  5. beanfan78

    Author Bio Length

    I am asking as a sanity check. Is there a place to limit the characters of the author bio? I had a new author write a 500+ word bio. It's almost the same length as the article and wanted to set it lower or put a cap on it. I can't find where to set the limit so either I can find it through all...
  6. Dadparvar

    How to use quick stats in WF

    Hi, I use CTA portal and home page is just widgest (using WF). I edited "wf_widget_stats" and added the code below: <xen:if is="{$xenOptions.scSidebarStatsIndex}"> <dl> <dt>{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_categories}:</dt>...
  7. Dadparvar

    Marketplace functionality or Add-on

    Hi @Bob We need to have a full marketplace in our site. This add-on is good I think. But, my questions about our goal is: Do you have any plan to develop a marketplace in near future for xenforo? (OR) Will you add support to payment (like adding support of this) for Showcase? Because I'm...
  8. Dadparvar

    A list of suggestions for SC

    Hi, During these first hours of working with SC, I wished to have some other things (in addition to sea of its features): be able to upload Category Image while creating or editing categories (now we should upload in host and copy its location) auto play effect for slider. be able to rate and...
  9. tajhay

    Not Planned [XF1] Showcase Widget - Autocomplete search results Box with results

    Hi Bob, I would love to see a Showcase BD Widget Framework renderer which initially shows as a Search box. When entering the words, it can autocomplete the names based on the showcase item names. Clicking search on the box would then bring up the search results as per the limit (defined in the...
  10. N

    Not Planned [XF1] Gallery should open up for all reviewers to add images into it.

    Currently the gallery limit the right to add images to only the author of the item. I think that right should be given to everyone that write a review. I know that I can set the permission to allow anyone to edit the items, but this will let them edit the description, title, etc. including...
  11. Kintaro

    Showcase items not listed without image

    is it regular that items without an image are not visible in Showcase homepage, for example, sorted by Recently added?