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Not Planned [XF1] Gallery should open up for all reviewers to add images into it.


New Member
Currently the gallery limit the right to add images to only the author of the item. I think that right should be given to everyone that write a review. I know that I can set the permission to allow anyone to edit the items, but this will let them edit the description, title, etc. including deleting existing images which is not the way thing supposed to be.
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No thank you. The Item Image Gallery is for the AUTHOR ONLY.

There is an existing suggestion (it posted at my Private Development site that one of the Showcase Early Adopters suggested) to add attachments to User Reviews. This would be similar to how sites like AMAZON let users that post reviews attach images to their review and then there will be a "review gallery" that contains images from all user reviews.
That Amazon one sound like a good idea, why don't you like it? In some circumstance you may believe that the author is the one that have very good knowledge of the item being reviewed so they suppose to be the one that has the very best images of the item too. However, in some circumstance, e.g. you let any forum members to create review items, in this case, the author may not be the one who has the best images. You may add a permission setting "allow reviewer to upload images" this will give the site owner a choice to dicide whether the Gallery will be for the author only as you want or for other reviewers as well. Your addon would be more flexible.