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Implemented Articles author name


Staff member
JoyFreak said:
It would be really good if the Author name is separate to the Forum Username as some of us want to have our Forum Names and our Real Names for the articles. Would LOVE to see this implemented or at least a guide on how to do it with some template editing?


With XF 2.2 taking longer than anticipated, I am going to move some of the features I've implemented for AMS 2.2 into AMS 2.1.x (starting with AMS 2.1.13).

This has been Implemented in AMS 2.1.13.

This is permissions based so that you can choose whether you want to allow it or not as well as you can easily monetize it by letting Premium members have Author names where as other users would only get to use the XF username.


I've added a new Input to the Account Details page titled "Articles author name". This new input is directly above the "About article author" input. This input is varchar 50 (same length as username).


This same input is also available in the Admin CP >> Users >> Edit User >> Personal details


Here you can see that my article no longer displays the username "Admin", it is displaying my Articles author name "The Olde Zord".


The Articles Author name is linked to the XF user account, so as you can see, when hovering over "The Olde Zord", it launches the User Overlay (which is going to display the XF username).


As you can see below, the ldJsonHtml uses the Articles Author name for the Author Schema Markup instead of the XF username for reporting data to search engines.


This applies to All layout types (List View, Grid View, Tile View, Article View, Featured Carousel and Articles Carousel) as well as Series and Series Part Macros (series list, series view, series parts)

Author name is tracked via the User Change log.

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