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Implemented Usergroup permission: can edit items by others


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On my big board I do not so much want to showcase personal items. Instead I want to showcase items that are central to many of my users. The author therefore is much less important. More important is that thousands of items are added and maintained by the community.
The items will change over time. If updating items is reliant upon a single author then chances are big that the responsible person is no longer active or otherwise engaged. That would result in a lot of outdated or empty items that no one will touch.

What I need is a usergroup permission that allows trusted users to edit/update all items. It is pretty vital to have though. Without such permission I dont think it will be feasible to have showcase items. I cant imagine how to manage thousands of entries by myself and a few staff members. I need my community to help out with it.

This would also resolve the request posted here:http://addons.nfljunkies.com/thread...e-item-managers-creators-or-contributors.179/
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I don't see why you can't use the Showcase Moderator Permission 'Edit Items by anyone' for this (as well as Tag Items by anyone). Maybe when you get a chance, you can create a secondary user group, set those 2 permissions for that group and test to make sure it does what you need. In theory, it will do what you want AND you can set these per category in case you have category's that you don't want group editing.
Thanks! I will try this out.
Marked as Implemented as this can be done via current permissions. No need for another permission that does the same thing that another one does.