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Suggestion for a New Bob Awsome Product or Request for Custom Development


Hello Bob and noble members of the Community,

Since i didn't find a proper section to post this, more than a suggestion than an question, but, i think this have some demand, probably i can even help with some funding for the development.

I'm in the way to launch a new XF Forum, to a more business use than the traditional Forums, but is a requisite to have a simple, objective and reliable Project Manager.

Basically i don't trust the vast majority of developers on XF Scene. Many with shady schemes, lack of professionalism, bad or not so ever client and product support and i can count 3 or 4 developers that i really trust my life, well, my XF site on their hands.

Nothing big like Microsoft and some other random PM on the market, just basic functions with all Bob coding standards:
  • Permissions stuff;
  • Usergroups must be independent, like, one group cannot see another group projects;
  • Creating and Managing a Project;
  • Adding and managing tasks inside the project;
  • Setting deadlines in a schedule;
  • Set users holes, tasks, etc.
Like i said, basic features (not basic coding, for sure :p).

We have some examples on XF Scene, but... Well. You know. I don't know the developers behind this, for example. Looks very functional, but is not from XenAddons!

For products like this i can only trust Bob with his unique skills and nobody else.

I don't think Bob have some private add-on on this, but is my suggestion.

About the funding or custom development if apply, we can discuss this in private if you want.

I'm here to help and thanks for the attention.