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Implemented Users should be able to post more than 1 review per item

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by MrDeranged, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged Member AMS Premium CAS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium

    Not @Bob's fault, but I had no idea that this was not possible until I put the software into widespread use on my forums. I guess my testing skill suck ;)

    The showcase software is only feasible if you're using it for items that would only have 1 review ever.

    If you are trying to use it to review services or for reports on devices, it doesn't have needed functionality.

    IMO, a user should be able to leave unlimited reviews if there is no permission to set a limitation on it. I would much rather have to delete a bunch of crap reviews from a pissed off reviewer than have a valid reviewer not be able to leave more than 1 review on an item.

    For some examples, on my site, I'm using showcase for reviews and reports.

    Reviews items are the dealers that sell to my userbase. I may purchase from a dealer today, receive excellent service and post a review stating that. If 4 months later, I make another purchase and this time the dealer did everything wrong, I can't leave another review. I would have to update a perfectly valid review from 4 months ago.

    As a reporting tool, I'm using it for "bite" reports. The item is the species of animal. A user may get bit multiple times over the course of keeping the animals, but it's a different experience each time. Each one should be reviewable multiple times as each one has different information.
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  2. arcarc

    arcarc New Member Showcase

    ah man. i agree. i was looking for this option in the admin but i guess it's not a feature.
  3. cdub

    cdub Member AMS Premium CAS Premium EMS Early Adopter IMS Premium LD Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Being able to do multiple reviews would be great especially as one's experience with a product or service changes and evolves. Although... I guess one can just "edit" the review and update it.... but I think multiple reviews could be better.
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  4. Kintaro

    Kintaro Active Member AMS RMS Premium Showcase Pickem Sportsbook

    @Bob what do you think about this?
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I don't have anything to say about it right now.
  6. TomChuck

    TomChuck New Member Showcase

    Anyone find a work around for this?
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

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