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Implemented Users should be able to post more than 1 review per item


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Not @Bob's fault, but I had no idea that this was not possible until I put the software into widespread use on my forums. I guess my testing skill suck ;)

The showcase software is only feasible if you're using it for items that would only have 1 review ever.

If you are trying to use it to review services or for reports on devices, it doesn't have needed functionality.

IMO, a user should be able to leave unlimited reviews if there is no permission to set a limitation on it. I would much rather have to delete a bunch of crap reviews from a pissed off reviewer than have a valid reviewer not be able to leave more than 1 review on an item.

For some examples, on my site, I'm using showcase for reviews and reports.

Reviews items are the dealers that sell to my userbase. I may purchase from a dealer today, receive excellent service and post a review stating that. If 4 months later, I make another purchase and this time the dealer did everything wrong, I can't leave another review. I would have to update a perfectly valid review from 4 months ago.

As a reporting tool, I'm using it for "bite" reports. The item is the species of animal. A user may get bit multiple times over the course of keeping the animals, but it's a different experience each time. Each one should be reviewable multiple times as each one has different information.
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ah man. i agree. i was looking for this option in the admin but i guess it's not a feature.
Being able to do multiple reviews would be great especially as one's experience with a product or service changes and evolves. Although... I guess one can just "edit" the review and update it.... but I think multiple reviews could be better.