showcase 2.8.0 beta 1

  1. Bob

    Implemented Display searchable custom item field value(s) as Field Search Filter Link(s).

    As per title, the ability to display searchable custom item field value(s) as Field Search Filter Link(s) throughout Showcase where ever custom field values are displayed. I've added a new option setting to Showcase Item Fields that allows you to turn a custom item field value into a Field...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Field Search Results - Ability to refine the results right on the page

    As per title, the ability to "refine" the search right on the Field Search Results page without having to go back to the XenForo search and running a new Advanced Field search. Here is the Showcase Advanced Field Search form. This lets you find Showcase items based on Custom Fields. This has...
  3. Bob

    Updated Items Slider changes

    As per title, there have been some changes to the Items Slider. The layout has been updated to a modern minimalist type layout (pretty much the same as uses). This is a much cleaner look and a lot easier to customize. The "Show Views" option has been removed. NOTE: The view data...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Ratings on Layouts now include review count and link

    As per title, Ratings on Layouts (Article View, News View and News View II) now include review count and link to the reviews tab of the Item for items that have reviews. I also removed the prompt "Rating:" as its obvious what it is. Some of you already know what this looks like as its the same...
  5. Bob

    Updated Review Create and Edit forms updated

    As per title, I've updated the Review Create and Edit forms. I've change the ORDER of the inputs. The order is now (top to bottom): Title Overall Rating Review Attachments Review Fields TOP Pros Cons Review Fields MIDDLE Review Fields BOTTOM Review Fields SELF PLACEMENT SAVE BUTTON Various...
  6. Bob

    Updated Sort System Type options and Sort Tabs have been removed

    As per title, the Sort System Type options (which allowed you to chose between Dropdown Sorting and Sort Tabs) and the Sort Tabs have been removed from Showcase. This is something that has been coming for several years now (since XenForo itself made the switch a few years ago). All sorting is...
  7. Bob

    Implemented Review Attachments options replaced by permissions

    As per title, the Review Attachments options (max image size, max images per review and image dimensions) located on the Article Page options tab have been removed. The above options have been replaced by Permissions so that they can be set on a per user or per user group basis which gives...
  8. Bob

    Updated Field Choices no longer collapsed on Search Form (Advanced Field Search)

    As per title, the field choices on the Search Showcase form (Advanced Field Search Tab) are no longer collapsed. The form also splits choices out into 3 columns for larger view ports.
  9. Bob

    Implemented Comment System Type

    One of the most common things I get asked is "How can I change the default sort order for the comments section so that it is the same as discussion threads (oldest to newest). Along with "and put the editor at the bottom of the comments). Well, now its as simple as setting the Comment System...
  10. Bob

    Implemented Set Prefix on Associated Thread during convert Thread to Item process

    I liked this idea for RMS and figured I'd implement it for AMS and Showcase as well. When converting a discussion thread to a Showcase Item, if the "Add Prefix to Thread" option is set for the selected category, then the post convert process will include updating the discussion thread record...
  11. Bob

    Implemented When converting thread, preserve first post

    As per title, when converting a thread to an item, some people prefer to preserve the first post of the discussion thread instead of replacing the first post with a new message. Since most people I know prefer to preserve, the option is checked by default (meaning that if you want that canned...
  12. Bob

    Implemented When converting thread, also convert views

    I've added an option "Set item views count using thread views count". This way, you have a choice to set or nor set the views count on convert. This option is available on both the individual thread to item convert or inline moderation for bulk converting threads to items.
  13. Bob

    Implemented Post "New Review" message to thread

    There is a new OPTION that allows you to Enable or Disable this simple feature. There are 2 important requirements involved in determining whether or not a review qualifies to be posted to a thread (besides obviously needing an associated thread). The user posting the Review MUST be able to...
  14. Bob

    Implemented Item Reply Bans

    This has been implemented. It works exactly like Thread Reply Bans work (both from a Management perspective and a user perspective). An Item Reply Ban prevents a user from rating an item, reviewing an item, posting comments on the item and replying to comments on the item. It does NOT prevent...
  15. Bob

    Updated Order categories alphabetical if display order is the same

    This has been implemented.
  16. Bob

    Implemented Quick approve/unapprove review

    As per title, I've added a quick approve and unapprove links to the private controls for comments. It has been driving me absolutely nuts to have to use inline moderation or the mod queue for this.
  17. Bob

    Updated Warning Handler: Reviews

    I've updated the Warning Handler for Reviews to allow you to set Public Warning Messages. Up until now, the Reviews handler has had the canPubliclyDisplayWarning method set to FALSE (which is how the XFRM does it for reviews and that was the standard I was following). Here you can see a review...
  18. Bob

    Implemented Warning Handler: Items

    As per title, I've implemented a Warning Handler for Showcase Items which now allows you to warn Item Authors. I've set the canPubliclyDisplayWarning method in the handler to TRUE which means you can post a public warning message on the Item itself. There is a new Moderator permission that you...
  19. Bob

    Updated XFMG Integration (Album, Media, Videos)

    As per title, I've updated the XenForo Media Gallery Integration which includes being able to set an XFMG Album, Media Id's and Video Id's. This update includes removing ALL of the previous XFMG options (both global options and per category overrides) and replacing them with new ones. This...
  20. Bob

    Implemented Notify Author of moderation action with Reason.

    This has been implemented throughout Showcase (Items, Reviews, Comments and Comment Replies) for edit and delete actions (note: items have a few more actions that include adding a reason). Here are a few examples...