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Implemented Item Reply Bans


Staff member
alfa1 said:
I expect that we will need reply bans for Item which would block the user from:
  • Item ratings & reviews
  • Item comments & replies
Please consider to implement this in the same manner as thread reply bans work. i.e. Under item Tools there would be a reply bans link. This would bring up an interface similar to reply bans in threads. This has fields for: name, ban length, reason, report options.

This has been implemented. It works exactly like Thread Reply Bans work (both from a Management perspective and a user perspective).

An Item Reply Ban prevents a user from rating an item, reviewing an item, posting comments on the item and replying to comments on the item. It does NOT prevent them from VIEWING the item and its content. It does not have any effect on an associated discussion thread (that has its own reply ban system).

There is a new Showcase Moderator Permission "Manage reply bans on item".


If the viewing user has the above permission, they will see a "Manage Reply Bans" in the Item Tools menu.


Clicking on it will launch an overlay. This template is 99.9% the same as the Thread Reply Ban template (only difference is a phrase name).


If there are users banned from replying to the item, they will be listed at the top of the form.


There are 2 alerts. One is for Temp Bans and the other one is for Permanent Bans.


This also includes the Admin CP interface (same exact features that Thread Bans have).



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