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Implemented Field Search Results - Ability to refine the results right on the page


Staff member
As per title, the ability to "refine" the search right on the Field Search Results page without having to go back to the XenForo search and running a new Advanced Field search.

Here is the Showcase Advanced Field Search form. This lets you find Showcase items based on Custom Fields. This has been in showcase for a few years now and is extremely popular, but could be a bit easier to use.


When you perform a Advanced Field Search, the results are displayed on a special showcase page called "Field Search Results". This page is able to be sorted and filtered which is great and all, but it would be nice to be able to REFINE the search results right on the page without having to go back to the search page... well, no you can!

Next to the Sort By and Filters dropdown you will notice a LINK that says "+ Refine By". When you click on it, you will expose a hidden search form that is basically the same as the search form in the main search area.


And here you can see the hidden search form. It has all the same fields as the main search form. Choices of the current search are retained so that you can quickly refine them or you can clear them simply by removing the Search Terms filter to start with an empty form.


Lets make a change... I want to find only Silver Mustangs... Click search and the new results will display...


And just like that, I get the results for Silver Mustangs.


It works in conjunction with Sorting and Filtering as well. Here I've performed another search and changed the Sort by to Rating and am filtering the results so that only items that have been rated will be displayed.
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