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Updated XFMG Integration (Album, Media, Videos)


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the XenForo Media Gallery Integration which includes being able to set an XFMG Album, Media Id's and Video Id's.

This update includes removing ALL of the previous XFMG options (both global options and per category overrides) and replacing them with new ones. This means you are going to have to re set any XMFG related options that you want to use (sorry, but was the only way to do it).

There are 4 new options (one main and 3 sub). The Enable XenForo Media Gallery Integration now controls whether or not the 3 sub options are able to be set.


The Category settings have also changed. The XFMG options have been removed from the Gallery Options override and now has its own Options override which makes things much easier to manage.


The way users set XFMG content has also changed (which some of you are probably already familiar with if you use AMS, UBS or RMS).

There are 2 new links added to the Item Tools dropdown along with an existing link that are used for setting Media Gallery content (Album, Images and Videos).


Set Media Gallery Album: This has not changed, so no need to go over that with you.

Set Media Gallery Images: This is NEW for Showcase. This allows you to add individual media id's that will be added to the Gallery and or Mini Gallery.


Set Media Gallery Videos: This is NEW for Showcase. This allows you to add individual Video (media) id's that will be added to the either a Videos Tab or a Sidebar Block (options settings).

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Since XFMG video integration is new for Showcase, I'll post an example of what you can do...

So here is a video that has been uploaded to XenForo Media Gallery. This isn't an embedded video, its an uploaded video. I chose this one so you can see that it works for ALL video, not just embedded. The Video (media) Id = 18 (you can see this in the URL).


Go to the Showcase Item that you want to associate the video with and click on the "Set Media Gallery Videos" link in the Item Tools. Add the video id and save.


As you can see, there is now a Videos Tab on the Showcase Item...


When you click on the Videos Tab, it will display the video directly in the Showcase Item without having to go to the Media Gallery to view it (and again, this is an uploaded video, not an embedded video).


Lets add another video. This time lets add a media ID that is an embedded video (from you tube).


And here is what it looks like with multiple videos. Each player type works independently and does not interfere with the other.


Here is a shot that shows the Videos tab disabled and the sidebar block enabled.