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Implemented Question about the XF Write Before Register System


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This was a PAID feature funded by @cdub and is included with the addon for everyone to use vs having a separate addon developed.

I've implemented a new PreRegAction Handler that allows a non logged in user or guest to ADD an Item before registering and the item will be created once the member has logged in or registered.

This works just like XenForo, XFRM, XFMG and all of my addons that have PreRegAction Handlers (Threads, Posts, Resource Ratings, Media/Album Comments, SC Comments, SC Ratings etc etc etc..)

The system is very simple, you enable the Write Before Register System (Core XF Option) and then for the guest user group, you set the Showcase Item permission "Create items".
In theory, could you set permissions for the guest to have all submitted items moderated? It kind of acts as a Wiki then. I've not dabbled with the Write Before Register System for a while..

This could aid function to kind of act like a wiki. Its cool
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The Write Before Registration works like this.

A Guest will see the [Add item] button IF the XF Write Before Registration system is enabled AND you set the guest user group to be able to create items.

When the guest hits submit, they are taking to the registration page, where they can either Register (if they don't have an account) OR login (if they have an account). Once they register (or log int), the new item will be created.

That is it. The POINT is to entice members to REGISTER. If someone spends a lot of time writing the content whether its an Item, Thread, Post, Review etc, they will probably complete the registration so that the content they created gets published.
If the guest does NOT register or login, the Thread, Post, Comment, Review, Article, Item etc is deleted after a period of time (can't remember if its per session or not).