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Implemented Add Item via Write Before Register System


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Similar to being able to create a Thread or a Post or a Comment or Review via the Write Before Register System, it'd be great to be able to add a Showcase Item via the Write Before Register System. :)

It would be amazing for my use case and hopefully convert more lurkers into participants as the XF Write Before Register System for Threads and Posts (and other content types that implement a PreRegAction Handler) has helped a lot in getting new registrations and converting lurkers into members.

Having non-members see the "add item" button when not logged in should also cause many more submissions to my site's database. This would be an amazing feature IMO.
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This was a PAID feature funded by @cdub and is included with the addon for everyone to use vs having a separate addon developed.

I've implemented a new PreRegAction Handler that allows a non logged in user or guest to ADD an Item before registering and the item will be created once the member has logged in or registered.

This works just like XenForo, XFRM, XFMG and all of my addons that have PreRegAction Handlers (Threads, Posts, Resource Ratings, Media/Album Comments, SC Comments, SC Ratings etc etc etc..)

The system is very simple, you enable the Write Before Register System (Core XF Option) and then for the guest user group, you set the Showcase Item permission "Create items".
This is awesome. Thanks Bob!