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Implemented Series


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented the popular "Series" feature that is used in Article Management System, Item Management System and User Blogs System.

In a nutshell, this feature allows you to create a "Collection" of Items, which then adds additional navigation elements to items that are part of the collection (Series).

For example, if you use Showcase as a Garage (a popular use case) and some of your members have multiple vehicles, then can create a Series "My Garage" and associated all their Vehicles with that Series, making a collection of Vehicles (vs having to do that manually in a post or in the text within each showcase item).

This is a permission based featured that includes several permission in 2 permissions groups (Showcase: Series permissions and Showcase: Series moderator permissions)



There are 2 types of series, Personal and Community.

Personal Series are designed for the Series Author only (and can only have their items added to the series).

Community Series are designed for allowing specific User Groups or specific Users to also add their items to the series. A good use case would be a Car Club that has a series where Members of the Car Club can associate their items with the Car Club series.

Series has an Index page that lists all viewable Series that the viewing user is able to view. This is a paginated/filterable listing of all viewable Series in the system.


Each Series has its own "Series Page" with Series Details and a listing of all Items within the series.


As mentioned above, when an Item is in a series, it adds several navigational elements to an Item (as shown in red boxes below).


That pretty much it in a nut shell.
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