showcase 3.2.26

  1. Bob

    Release Showcase (SC) 3.2.26 (Stable/Supported) released

    Showcase (SC) 3.2.26 (Stable/Supported) released. Important Note: This version of Showcase requires XF 2.2.2 ! It is highly recommended to read all the implemented suggestion threads and bug fix's so that you are familiar with them prior to upgrading. See: Showcase 3.2.26 for information of...
  2. Bob

    Fixed Some input data not being saved to the XF Draft system

    XenForo Version: XF 2.0.0 + Showcase Version: SC 3.0.0 + As per title, when creating a new showcase item, some of the input data is not being saved to the XF draft system, so if leaving and coming back, that data is lost. Its been this way since Showcase 3.0.0, so obviously not a major issue, or...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Series - Watch count stat

    As per title, I've implemented a Watch count stat for series. Watch count stats are logged to a cached field in the Series table when watching a Series (or rebuilding Series via Cache Rebuilds). Note: Watch count stats do not include the Series Author watching their own series. Watch count...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Series - Views

    As per title, I've implemented view logging for series. Views are logged when viewing the Series (Items Tab and Series details Tab). Views are only logged for Non Contributors. A Contributor in a Series is either the Series Author|Manager or the Author of any Item associated with the Series...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Post Comments on own item

    Similar to how you can separate out permissions on replying to reviews and questions.... (Reply to reviews, Reply to reviews on own item, Reply to own reviews, Reply to questions, Reply to questions on own items, Reply to own questions)
  6. Bob

    Implemented 4 new Showcase Widget Positions

    As per title, I've added 4 new Showcase Widget Positions in SC 3.2.26 (bringing the total up to 14).
  7. Bob

    Updated Showcase BBCode - Item Pages and Series

    As per title, I've updated the Showcase BBCode to include embeds for Item Pages and Series. Examples...
  8. Bob

    Updated Item Fields - Display Location - Section X above section and below section

    This was a PAID request by long time Showcase license holder that needed display locations below each section. As per title, i've updated the Display location option for Custom Item Fields so that each section can have custom fields displayed above a Section and Below a Section (currently...
  9. Bob

    Updated Section Titles and Section Descriptions censored by the Category Entity

    As per title, Section Titles and Section Descriptions are now censored by the Category Entity 'censor' => true. Probably not an issue for most sites as this data is added in the Admin CP by Admins, but added nonetheless.
  10. Bob

    Implemented 2 new pre-added Member Stats

    As per title, I've pre-added 2 additional showcase related Member Stats (Most showcase reviews and Most showcase series). These are enabled by default, so if you don't want them displayed, you'll need to disable them. Note: The Member Statistics system is for ADMINS, not developers, so you can...
  11. Bob

    Implemented Review count and Series count now tracked and stored in the xf_user table

    As per title, I've added 2 new fields to the 'xf_user' table to store review count 'xa_sc_review_count' and series count 'xa_sc_series_count' data. This data is not only used by Showcase, but is also used for XF features such as Member Stats, User Criteria for Notices, Promotions, Trophy's...
  12. Bob

    Updated Section Id's and Section Anchors

    I've added an anchor span class above each section title as well as modified the h3 element to include a CSS Class and an ID. These are used for the new TOC and Dropdown Navigation for Sections and Pages. Example... Added an anchor span class above each section title as well as modified the h3...
  13. Bob

    Implemented Table of Contents - Sections, Custom Item Field Pages and Item Pages

    As per title (and explained in this implemented suggestion Implemented - Pages) Showcase now has a Table of contents (TOC) sidebar block on the Overview Page, Tabbed Section Pages, Tabbed Custom Item Field Pages and individual Item Pages for multi page items. This is a simple sidebar block...
  14. Bob

    Implemented Pages

    As per title, I've implemented the popular "Pages" feature that is used in Article Management System, Item Management System and User Blogs System. In a nut shell, this feature allows your members to create multi-page items (similar to multi-page AMS Articles| IMS Items| UBS Blog Entries)...
  15. Bob

    Implemented Series

    As per title, I've implemented the popular "Series" feature that is used in Article Management System, Item Management System and User Blogs System. In a nutshell, this feature allows you to create a "Collection" of Items, which then adds additional navigation elements to items that are part of...
  16. Bob

    Updated Section Titles increased from varchar(50) to varchar(100)

    As per title, I've altered the section title fields from a varchar(50) to a varchar(100) increasing the allowed characters from 50 to 100 for Section Titles.